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brand building, brand implementation & brand marketing for the modern entrepreneur


My Mission

From the beginning business owner to the established brand, I help entrepreneurs unearth the real meaning behind their business to create a clear, cohesive and compelling brand that inspires their audience.


What My Work Is Really About...

Clarity. Excitement. Confidence.

Telling your story to inspire your audience.
Emotional connection points that drive your work and resonate with clients. Unearthing your vision. Sharing your magic.
Giving you a mission that rings true and guides your every move. Taking the mash-up of thoughts, ideas and words in your head and translating them into a well-articulated brand that FEELS GOOD.
Let me help you get ready to share your amazing brand with your audience.



“Brand Messaging Made Easy

This branding thing has got to be easier! You’re right, and now it is. Download your FREE GUIDE for powerful strategies to engage your audience.


“Hey, I’m Hilary!”

With over 15+ years experience working in the movie and entertainment industry with powerhouse global brands (Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Dreamworks to name a few), Hilary learned how to captivate audiences through the use of compelling content and authentic storytelling.

From movie marketer to brand boss, she specializes in working with brands of all sizes to add meaning, value and heart to their vision and message. Hilary’s an immersive brand strategist, online educator and consultant that helps reveal what your brand is really about so you can connect authentically with your audience and watch your business thrive.



Do you have a branding business you’re looking to grow? Whether you’re a Brand Strategist like me, or a brand photographer, designer or copywriter, you might be ready for an expert eye to give you clarity, tips and ideas for honing your offers, adding strategy and growing your brand business.

Apply for Hilary’s Private Mentorship and book a 60 minute mentoring session, 1 Hour @ $597