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Resources made with you in mind

Take your brand from “How?” to WOW! with these free branding resources. Check ‘em out!




Brand Messaging Made Easy

Brand messaging should be simple, powerful and engaging. If you need clarity in putting your messaging together, start here with this free guide to make it oh, so easier!


Identify Your Real Ideal Client

Tired of creating ideal client avatars that you feel like you’re just making up? Grab this guide to identifying your ideal clients based on REAL people with real ambitions & challenges.


Make Up Your Mindset

Believing in your brand is essential to your success. This guide will show you how to create custom mindset practices helping you align your thoughts with your brand vision and goals.





31 Ways To Boost Your Brand 

You’re overflowing with knowledge, information and a desire to help your audience but don’t know how to channel it into a cohesive brand. This E-Book includes 31 branding tools, why they’re important and what to do with them so you gain clarity you need to refine your brand.




Do you have a branding business you’re looking to grow? Whether you’re a Brand Strategist like me, or a brand photographer, designer or copywriter, you might be ready for an expert eye to give you clarity, tips and ideas for honing your offers, adding strategy and growing your brand business.

Apply for Hilary’s Private Mentorship and book a 60 minute mentoring session, 1 Hour @ $597