5 Ways To Refresh Your Entrepreneurial Spirit


Bare with a personal story for a minute since it’s super relevant to the topic I’m covering…This year marks a big year for me.  I’m making Big Moves to design the business I want with the lifestyle that gives me the energy to support my brand vision.

Since living in LA for almost 19 years, my choice in where I’ve lived was always dictated by the location I worked.  I never wanted a long commute, and Walt Disney Studios (where I worked for 15 years in film marketing) was set in the valley, east and more inland than the beaches California is known for and over the hill from the Hollywood sign.

When I began my own business 2 ½ years ago, I worked from home, co-worked with female entrepreneurs and began growing my business as a Brand Strategist for other visionary entrepreneurs.  I recently realized I can work from anywhere, and I began dreaming of choosing a place to live that filled me up.  A location that spoke to my soul, refreshed my spirit and made me feel the most like ME.  

When I feel like me and am excited by my surroundings, I have more confidence to grow my business the way I want it to grow.  My new townhouse in Orange County has 180 degree ocean views from almost every room and inspires me daily.

Where do YOU feel most like you?  Where can you live, or what can you add to your daily routine that fuels you to do all the things to live into your fullest potential of who you’re meant to be?  Discovering that for yourself is the key to increasing your vitality which is in direct relation to how much your business can grow.

When you grow, your business will grow.

When you do something you once thought impossible, you make more things possible for your business and for your clients.

When you feel more like you and you lean into that confidence, it will be transparent and your brand value will increase.

Are you ready to step into the person and business you want to be and want to create?  I have 5 practical steps you can follow to refresh your entrepreneurial spirit!  Give them a try and celebrate your willingness to find more personal vitality that will give your brand a burst of new energy, too.

PERSONAL BRANDING BLOG: Energy Tips For Entrepreneurs to Reinvigorate Their Spirit



Notice when during the day your energy is highest and lowest and plan your day around those so you can be most productive for your life and work.


Notice when you’re excited about something – that’s your nudge from the Universe letting you know you’re headed in the right direction.  Are you planning a vacation you’re excited about?  You’ll probably have a great idea, or experience something new that will motivate an area of your life or business.  Pay attention.  Your feelings tell you everything.  Do MORE of what makes you excited.


One of the best ways to refresh your energy is to get around high-vibe people doing big things, crushing huge goals, or on fire and passionate about what they’re pursuing.  Go to a personal growth or business conference that interests you.  Sign up for a women’s co-working space and participate in some of the workshops or events. Try something new with people you’d like to make “your people” and see what happens!


Start small. Drive a new way to get coffee this morning.  Try a new yoga or spin class.  Do something small every day that pulls you outside your normal routine and you’ll start to notice and experience new things that will begin refreshing your spirit and new opportunities, people and ideas will begin flowing to you.


Be sure you’re getting the basics: Are you getting enough sleep?  Are you nourishing your body with good food and your mind with positive thoughts?  Is your spirit getting some attention with meditation, journaling, hikes in nature or church on Sundays?  Whatever works for you, do that.  Just be sure you’re fueling your mind-body-spirit with the essentials (and go beyond if you’re inspired to do so), as this is a game-changer in refreshing yourself so you’re ready to take on the world!

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