Brand Story: Redefining Possibilities


When you truly begin attracting your ideal clients to your business, they are often versions of you but just a couple years behind you.  A majority of my career was spent in a corporate job at Disney and I made the leap to entrepreneurship a few short years ago.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised when Amy Young contacted me to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.  Ironically, Amy found me via a google search, which cracks me up since she was an executive at Google at the time!

She 100% knew she wanted to leave her corporate job and have a greater impact in the world by starting her coaching business, to help women redefine and embrace the possibilities of their life.

Her biggest challenge in understanding her brand to feel confident enough to not only launch her coaching business but to leave Google was she didn’t have a clear picture of her ideal client and her brand’s overall purpose - - - and how to connect the two to create a cohesive brand.

BRANDPOLISH CO BLOG: Clarifying her brand strategy allowed her to quit your corporate job at Google

This is a very common challenge when working to clarify your brand first to yourself, and then creating the messaging that allows you to speak to your audience about it clearly.

Amy signed up for my signature 8 week brand building program, and I asked her to put into her own words some of the valuable things she learned in our time working together on her brand strategy…

“There isn’t enough paper in the world for me to write all of what I learned from Hilary! First was that I knew more than I thought I did. The more Hilary pulled back the layers of my ideas by asking intuitive questions, the more I gained confidence in my own intuition and brand presence. Second, having a strong brand mission statement on paper has helped in more ways that I can count. The ability to have the two sentence elevator pitch on my brand and target market has been invaluable when I’m faced with the inevitable question “ So what do you do?”. It was also extremely helpful to have my target platforms and content mix nailed down so that I could remain focused when building my website and rolling out the launch.”

Amy’s results after clarifying her strategy, message and overall vision for her brand are really amazing!  I’m sharing her results with you so you can redefine what’s possible for you too:

  • Halfway through our 8 weeks of working together, Amy had so much clarity about her brand she QUIT her corporate job at Google!

  • Thankful she worked on her brand strategy first, Amy took her crystal clear picture of her ideal client and was able to write copy for her website that speaks directly to her audience & shares her value

  • Having the brand confidence she needed, she pitched herself for a speaking opportunity and landed it, and this November she’ll be sharing the stage with nationally recognized speakers

BRANDPOLISH CO BLOG: How To define your brand and redefine your possibilities; leap from corporate to entrepreneurship

This is the true difference that happens when you take the time to define your brand strategically.  

“I am excited to drive this business forward with clarity. Now that I have the strategy locked down, I can focus my energy on churning out great content and evangelizing my brand.” 


Just like Amy truly redefined the possibilities of her life by transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship, you can, too when you get clear what your brand stands for and you use it to guide every component of your business.

I’ll leave you with a little glowing testimonial of Amy’s experience working with me so you know what it’s like:

“Hilary is a master at listening to what you say and, almost more importantly, don’t say, in a way that allows you to uncover what your brand really needs. It is a truly collaborative experience. If you show up, the work you do will pay off exponentially.  Also, Hilary has a solid network of professionals she can recommend to help you move forward once your brand is on point (social media strategists, graphic designers etc…). I’ve been able to expand my support system and create something stronger than I ever would have imagined.”

Amy was a true joy to work with and I’m thrilled to continue our great relationship to this day as she continues to grow her brand.  Her trajectory is limitless and I can’t wait to see where she takes it!