Creating A Powerful Personal Brand, Rachel Hollis Style


One of the biggest misunderstandings about developing a personal brand is in thinking that makes your business all about you.  You are the face of the brand, yes.  However, the most powerful personal brands in the world have to do with the person who’s the face of the brand understanding that what it’s really all about is their audience.

In order to build a personal brand, you need an audience.  Not just any audience.  An engaged audience.  An audience full of fans who cannot wait to see what you do next, recommend next, write next, talk about next or role model next.  And that person - the YOU that represents that personal brand - you will succeed when you are serving up what your audience wants and needs most. 

So, at the end of the day, a strong personal brand is one that serves your customers best.

A phenomenal example of a powerful personal brand is one of my favorite people, Ms. Rachel Hollis.  If you’re looking to grow a personal brand that has a clear mission, deep engagement and thoughtful business strategy, look no further than Rachel Hollis.

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Like many, I’ve watched Rachel RISE to become one of the most sought after motivational speakers, #1 NY Times Best Selling Author of “Girl, Wash Your Face,” with an Instagram live-stream morning show called Start Today that reaches hundreds of thousands each day, with podcasts at the top of the charts, and goal-setting journals and women’s personal growth conferences that sell out in a matter of minutes.  She didn’t start that waRachel Hollis built her personal brand over the last decade, and she built it by listening to her audience every step of the way.  She listened, and she delivered what her audience asked for.  She kept showing up consistently and grew a solid base of fans that simply exploded when she delivered one of the best tools she’s ever created to relate to and satisfy her audience…her nonfiction book, “Girl, Wash Your Face”.

Her mission is clear: Give people tools to help them change their lives.  She remains deeply engaged with her fans and followers so she knows how to create thoughtful business strategies that grow and pivot her business in a way that invites her audience behind the scenes and delivers all the things they ask for and things they didn’t even know they wanted, but they LOVE.

If you’re looking to model a personal brand today doing it right and doing it well, check out Rachel Hollis.  And you’ll be thrilled to know that today marks the day of her new book release, “Girl, Stop Apologizing.”

So, if you’re growing a business and building a brand and need some motivation to dig in and make your goals happen to achieve your big, audacious dreams?  Girl, Stop Apologizing is a kick in the butt AND a practical guide to showing you exactly how she’s done it, and you can do it, too.  

To quote Rachel Hollis on the 3 things that have helped her and is how she breaks down her new book…

“Achieving big goals both personally and professionally came down to these 3 things:  1) Letting go of the excuses that kept me stuck. 2) Adopting great habits and behaviors that set me up for success. And 3) Acquiring the skills necessary to make exponential growth possible.”

This book will motivate you to clarify, prioritize, and take action consistently.  My recommendation is to not only look to Rachel Hollis as a great example of building a powerful personal brand, but to how to grow and scale your business in general with a brand that is distinctive, magnetic and authentic.

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