Turning Your Idea Factory Brain Into a Massive Action Generator For Your Business


Tell me if this sounds like you…you have SO MANY GREAT IDEAS!  Ideas about the vision for your business, what you’d like to offer, how people will consume it, how to market it in a unique way, the kinds of content you can create - maybe a podcast, maybe a blog, maybe just a ton of great Instagram stories and captions in  your feed to get peoples’ interests piqued.  You can see your business changing the world and you have every idea to make it happen.

 And then,  you don’t implement ANY of those great ideas, because there are so many of them,  you have no idea where to start.  Overwhelm leads to inaction. Sound familiar?

I’ve even run into people who want to start a business based on the IDEA that they could GENERATE IDEAS for other people because they’re so great at coming up with creative and unique ideas.

There’s nothing wrong with this except for the fact that we’re focusing on the wrong thing.  People, especially entrepreneurs, usually don’t have a problem coming up with great ideas…it’s PUTTING THOSE IDEAS INTO ACTION that is the stumbling block.

Have you ever been talking to someone and either a commercial comes on the TV or something comes up in conversation that leads that person (and maybe it’s  you!) to say - - - hey, that was my idea!  It seems someone else has “taken your idea” and run with it before you ever had a chance to do anything with it.

Here’s the thing, you cannot claim an idea as your own unless you’re actively implementing it.  If you’ve read the Elizabeth Gilbert book, BIG MAGIC, she goes into detail about her theory on how ideas land with certain people and if those people don’t put that idea into action, it moves onto someone else who WILL manifest the idea and bring it to life in the world.  It’s a fascinating read and if you haven’t read the book yet, I highly recommend it.

Some other common challenges I run into with entrepreneurs who typically become branding clients of mine are:

•  Their business is still just an idea in their head - they haven’t done anything to move it forward yet, but they know it’s a good idea

•  Entrepreneurs who know they need help getting their business idea out of their head and onto paper in a way that makes sense

•  People who have so many ideas and thoughts about the brand they’re creating and the business they’re building, and are feeling stuck and wanting an expert outside eye to validate they’re on the right track

•  Entrepreneurs who have so many ideas floating around in their head and don’t know how to focus them and articulate what they do and the value they bring in a clear, cohesive way

 All these challenges have to do with ideas for your brand and you are letting it overwhelm you from moving your business forward!

 Let me wave a magic wand right now and tell you - who you are, what you do and the distinct brilliance you bring to your offering is magical.  You ARE meant to help people and make a stamp on the world with your special brand of awesome.

 All you really need is to learn how to take those brilliant ideas, prioritize them, and move them out of the idea factory in your brain into the next step of putting them into action so instead you become a massive action generator that is absolutely unstoppable.  Sound good?

 Let’s talk about how to go from Idea To Implementation >> here are three ways to not let those great ideas you have for your brand go to waste:


First things first.  You need to organize your ideas into one cohesive brand that’s clear to your audience.  If you haven’t done this yet, you need to get crystal clear on a few things:

•  How to talk about What You Do

•  Who You Serve

•  The Value You Bring That’s Unique 

You position your brand around the audience you choose to target.  And everything you create for your business should align with your audience’s ambition and solve for their challenges. 

It’s easier to focus your ideas when you start to LISTEN to what your clients actually need.  It’s not about what you think they need, it’s about what they really do need based on the expertise you bring.

“It’s easier to focus your ideas when you start to
Listen to what your clients actually need.”


Once you have your cohesive brand and you’re implementing it in the world and resonating with your ideal clients, go back and put a couple more of your big ideas into action.

People typically have many ideas they’ve been holding in their back pocket just waiting for the right time to whip them out.

Here’s how I want you to sift through those ideas…I recommend choosing two ideas with the most impact for now and later. 

IDEA 01 - Ask yourself which idea could you implement right now that would be a game changer in your business? 

How could it build your brand or grow your audience or help you serve more people right now?  Once you decide which idea fulfills this question, don’t hesitate, move it forward and take massive action around it to test it with your audience.

IDEA 02 - Ask yourself which idea you must start putting into action now that’s going to help you grow your business in the future? 

For instance, you don’t start a monthly membership community or build a digital course overnight, right?  How do you want to evolve your business in the near future that you need to start working on right now in order to make that happen?

Answer that question and schedule time each week to move that bigger, longer term project forward inch by inch, step by step. You will be so happy that you did!

Again, the key is looking for those ideas with IMPACT.  For your business, for your audience, for growth and evolution of your brand.



You know what they say…it’s better to have too many ideas than not enough, right?  Well, sometimes all the ideas, thoughts and words swimming in your head about your business and brand are so overwhelming you need to declutter them Marie-Kondo style in order to clear the way to move forward with clarity.

And sometimes you can’t clear the clutter on your own.  Hiring a branding expert can move you forward, faster.  My personal specialty as a Brand Strategist is listening, filtering and focusing.  I call it my BrandPolish Filter because when you’re telling me all your ideas, I don’t just listen to them at face value on the surface, I dive deep, listen between the lines and filter your words into polished positioning that will focus your message for your audience. 


You also have to trust that you will continue to gain clarity as you go.  As long as you keep putting your clear and cohesive brand out there to your audience, you will get to know your audience so well that the ideas will start to focus themselves around which ones are going to best serve your clients.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, and be brave with your brand.

Now, if in these 3 steps you haven’t prioritized some of what you think are your BEST, and GREATEST IDEAS, I want you to create an “Idea Parking Lot.”  Park those great ideas until it’s time for them…don’t delete them, trash them or say you can’t make them happen anymore.  Right now just may not be the time for them.  Park them for later.  Come back and turn the key on those ideas when you, your business and your audience is ready for them.

You have greater vision than you give yourself credit for.  You might have an idea right now that you’re frustrated you can’t sink your teeth into, but it may be because you’ve thought of the idea that’s going to help evolve your business 3-5 years from now.  Celebrate that, and be patient.  The time will come when that idea (or a better version of that idea with the clarity you get from serving your audience now!) is ready to be pulled out, dusted off and put into action. 

So, tell me, what IDEA are you moving forward with first?  If you haven’t focused and solidified your ideas into one cohesive brand you can be consistent with, start there.

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