Brand Story: Eat. Breathe. Create.


This is Nathalie’s story of building a brand she believes in and working to clarify it so she feels free to express herself creatively and honestly to her audience.

I met Nat about a year ago at a retreat we were at together in Majorca, Spain.  We were there to take a step back from our businesses, take a deep breathe and evaluate the direction we wanted to head.

As an extremely talented cook, photographer, writer, and creative with a passion for building things from scratch and experiencing beautiful ways to live and pursue your passions, Nat was creating her blog called Eat. Breathe. Create. While she was pretty far along in the design process and knew the kinds of things she wanted to communicate, something felt a little off.

She said there was an element missing to her brand…

“I was too into designing the site and working out the content to see what my branding was lacking and how it could evolve long-term.”

That’s where I came in.  After listening to Nat and understanding both her Vision and greater Why, I knew her current tagline, “Simple Wholesome Food” didn’t capture everything she wanted to communicate.

Yes, she absolutely wanted to create posts to help her audience understand how to cook wholesome foods, and she also wanted to share her journey in remembering and reconnecting with long forgotten passions.  The purpose of her brand is to help others prioritize vitality by eating good foods, finding experiences that make them breathe deeply, and creating a whole life filled with passions to pursue.

I listened.  And then I clarified her brand with one simple word change.  Instead of saying “simple wholesome food,”  we changed it to “Simple Wholesome Living.”

We took her brand from incomplete to compelling in one word!  With LIVING came a whole new world of clarity and created a cohesive brand for Nat that she felt confident in sharing with the world.

From there, we chose her key brand words so we could ensure that the beautiful website design she was creating would reflect the bigger strategy for her brand.  As an aside, I often find people start with the design of their brand, when I’d recommend you start with brand strategy - - - it’s strategy that informs design.  

I asked Nat what the biggest value was she took away from working with me on her branding, and she said…

“Hilary made my branding exciting for me again, and sustainable for the future, that is consistent with my photography, the themes I cover and how I want people to feel when they interact with me on different platforms.”

That just made my heart sing.  Nat’s blog EAT. BREATHE. CREATE. is a great example of a clear purpose and clear message that reveals her heart and makes her audience want to continue reading more & consume her delicious photography. 

What a beautiful brand story and Nathalie Aubry is certainly an ideal client of mine.  Show her some love and go check out her blog. xx

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