The Distinction Of Great Brand Messaging


Brand messaging is something all business owners need in order to communicate the value of their work.  What does it take to go from good to great, where your messaging is concerned?

The distinction of great brand messaging lies in clarity, value and impact.

If you’re finding it difficult to articulate what you do and who it’s for in a concise and compelling way, it’s usually because you’re lacking clarity.  Or conversely, if your audience is confused about what you offer and the value they can gain by purchasing your products or services, then they don’t have a clear picture of your brand value.

Clarity comes first.  It’s like driving around in a dirty car without realizing how dirty it is…once you wash the windows you realize how clearly you can see and can’t imagine how you’ve been getting around this whole time.  Communicating clearly helps you drive your brand forward with increased momentum.

Getting across the value of your brand with great impact to your audience is also a key component of messaging that delivers.  When you’re writing copy (or speaking) to connect with your audience, you want to find those emotional connection points that align with your clients’ greatest ambitions.

The result?  Captivating copy and communications that are aligned with your brand strategy to naturally and easily attract your audience.

Speaking of easy, I have a free guide you can download to help you get started called “Brand Messaging Made Easy.”

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This free resource will walk you through the first basic steps you need to take in order to start clearly communicating a distinctive brand to attract your best clients.  

Have fun with it, so you can take your messaging from good to great!