Top 5 Branding Must-Haves For Your Website Homepage

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What in the H, E, Double HockeySticks do I need to have on my website?  This is one of the questions I get most often from branding clients and people who reach out to me that are working to clarify and implement their brand well.

Clarifying and creating your brand helps you do all-the-things in your business.  First and foremost, it helps you understand how to talk about what you do and position your business to your audience in the best light possible so they’re crystal clear about your business and the value you’re offering them.

Once you’ve clarified your brand, you need to know how to implement it and the #1 place people tend to want to do this first is website, website, website.  (Still good to do this everywhere you’re interacting with consumers, too, but for purposes of this blog post, let’s talk website).

I’m going to give you my Top 5 Must-Haves For Your Website Homepage that helps your brand shine:

1 - Positioning Statement

Your positioning statement is going to tell people landing on your website what you do and who it’s for quickly so they know if what you offer is for them or not in a quick glance.  It’s ok to repel the people who aren’t your ideal clients (that means your brand strategy is working, and makes room for the right people to find you!)

2 - Brand Mission

A brand mission expands your initial positioning to let your audience know who you are, what you do, who it’s for and the ultimate benefit they’re going to receive by working with you (or buying from you).  This gives a little more information to your potential clients to let them know they’re in the right place and gets them interested in learning more.

3 - Tagline 

A tagline is used to INSPIRE.  It’s one of my favorite things, to be honest.  A tagline is typically based on the biggest value your audience receives when they work with you - it speaks to their greatest ambitions within your area of expertise.  When you inspire someone, you create an emotional connection point that motivates them to take action.  (and that’s why on your website you want to also make sure to have very clear Call To Action buttons that take people exactly where you want them to go).

4 - Freebie

Don’t overlook the freebie.  This is some kind of PDF download, a video series, a workbook, a cheat sheet or whatever makes the most sense for your type of business.  The purpose of it is to give your potential clients a taste of what you do, the knowledge you have, and what they can learn from you.  You want to give your audience great value that they can implement immediately and have a quick win.  By doing this, you’re creating a positive experience and their perception of your brand is starting to form.  

PRO-TIP: Be sure your freebie isn’t just something you think would be good for your audience, but something your audience has said they are looking to master or learn.

5 - Brand Photo featuring YOU

Brand photography is a huge part of creating a website that allows your brand to shine.  Whether you have a personal brand or a business brand, people always want to know the person behind it.  I highly recommend doing a brand photo shoot to be able to feature photos of you on your website so that people feel like they get to know You when they arrive to your site.  Without it, it’s kind of like your audience rings the doorbell and the door swings open on its own without being greeted.  You want to greet your audience with a great big welcome mat and your smiling face.  It creates credibility and a like-know-trust factor that you need in order for clients to feel comfortable buying from you or working with you.

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If you can get your Positioning Statement, Mission, Tagline, Freebie Offering and a photo that features you all above the fold on your homepage, you are a winner, winner, chicken dinner. 

Happy Branding & Stay Inspired!

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